Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's "official", we are learing again at the Finley house

I was really, really struggling getting started this year... I won't go into it too much, but the Lord had to walk me through some things. Thank you, Lord, for opening my eyes and sending your Holy Spirit to dwell within me so that I can do your work with these blessings you have given to me for a time! Anyway, the day we started Noah woke up at 7 a.m. (he usually wakes up around 9), did his chores without being asked (he never does this), and sat down to eat (usually I have to make them eat about an hour after they get up b/c they are too busy playing). He was so excited about being a kindergartener! So, so sweet and cute. I had to drag myself out of bed while my baby (who had kept me up all night teething) was still sleeping, down some coffee, and put on my happy face. Of course, I couldn't have done any of this with out the strength of the Lord. I don't want to leave that out ;-). We had a great day! What a blessing. The Lord is growing me so much through this journey of raising a family and teaching my children at home. Just when I think I can't go on and I'm not capable, He reminds me that, well, I'm not capable, not without Him. When will I stop trying to do it on my own? Oh, and then there is sweet little Noah (below) passed out while listening to Daddy read a story from "Just So Stories" by Rudyard Kipling. He just couldn't go on anymore after a big day of being an excited, well behaved kindergartener :).

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Finding Joy in Simplicity said...

Sweet! A new school year. Keep the posts coming It's fun to see what you're up to. Noah is so cute. I will start organizing our new year next week after my brother leaves. It's been one crazy/busy summer. I'm looking forward to some structure again and quiet school days at home. Let's get back into encouraging and inspriring each other....yay!